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TelleHealth and In-Person appointments are available. 

HELP to survive,

HOPE to thrive.

Getting connected with "help and hope" takes three easy steps...

Step 1, Contact Me


Step 2, We will meet and plan


We will meet and put together a plan to HELP.

Step 3 We will work the plan to put "Hope" back in your life

We will work the plan to put HOPE back into your life.


Dale and his approach to therapy. 

Help & Hope Counseling, PLLC

PO Box 13403, Mesa, AZ 85216

4111 E Valley Auto Drive, Suite 106, Mesa AZ 85206




Trauma & PTSD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I work with children and adults that are dealing with ADHD. I help parents and teachers understand how to work with children that have ADHD.

I use multiple approaches including EMDR in treating trauma and PTSD in Children and Adults.


Perspective is everything...

Help and Hope Counseling is not a crisis center and does not manage crisis!

If you have an emergency or are in crisis, please call "911" for emergency services.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800- 273-8255

Central Arizona Crisis Line:  602-222-9444 

Click here for the Crisis Response Network website. 

Contact information

Help & Hope Counseling

PO Box 13403

Mesa, AZ 85216-3403

4111 E Valley Auto Drive, Suite 106, Mesa AZ 85206

Tel: 602.435.4356

No Fax - Email only please

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